Working from a cafeFull time employees are expensive

Taking on a permanent member of staff takes time and money with agencies charging expensive finder’s fees and then you’ve got to think about interviewing and training your new PA. There’s also the cost of employee benefits to think about, such as national insurance, sick pay, holiday pay and their workplace pension.

I’m self employed so I’m responsible for my own day to day administration, bookkeeping and tax. And as I generally work remotely, you won’t have to provide me with office space, a desk and computer.

Full time employees don’t really work 8 hours a day

I work alone with no distractions so I’m highly productive. There are no water cooler chats, long lunch breaks or Friday afternoon browsing of social media.

I use a timer to record how long I spend on your tasks, so you only pay for the hours I work for you.

Full time employees aren’t always flexible

I don’t work fixed hours between 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. I can work evenings or weekends too if it’s needed to meet your deadlines.

And if you’re really busy one month, I’ll work more hours for you then and perhaps fewer hours the next month. You can hire me on an ad hoc basis too for the odd hour here and there as and when you need me.

Full time employees don’t always have the skills you need

It takes time to train full time staff. If you have a temporary need for more specialist skills, hiring a virtual assistant is the most effective and economical way to make sure the skills you need are available to your business when you need them.